Mark and Olesya


   Mark-Anthony & Olesia were one of the first to teach Kizomba in Ukraine and after a couple a years their Kizomba, Semba & Tarraxinha classes are now very popular in Kyiv. Their classes are fun, full of cultural information, great knowledge about music and history and they have the ability to teach students with different dance experiences and make it easy and fun at the same time.

   Mark-Anthony started his salsa dancing training in Toronto, Canada in 2000. He was one of the first artists from Toronto to perform NY Style ON2 and now he specializes in that style. In 2008 he formed his own dance company called MAS Mambo and for about 3 years his team was invited to some of the best salsa festivals and congress around the world. His passion for the Latin culture, music and the arts is unquestionable and it can be seen when he performs, teaches and social dances. His music interpretation and musicality is always fun to watch and he enjoys when the music takes him on a journey.

   Mark-Anthony moved to Kiev, Ukraine in 2010 where he has teamed up with Olesia and has formed his new performing dance company called Ukraine Mambo Project and their teaching project call MAS Dance and they have been teaching at Depo Dance Cafe in Kyiv for the past 6 years. They have travelled all over the world entertaining audiences with their creative shows and fun workshops. In the last 3 years they have also been training in their newest passion, Kizomba & Semba where they have learned from some of the best instructors in Europe.

   Olesia’s dance experience started when she was 10 years old. She was studying folk dance for 7 years, back in that days she also got her first performer experience. In 2006 Olesia started dancing salsa and very soon became an instructor in one of the Kyiv school. A bit later she joined the Depo Dance café and continued her teaching career there. When she met Mark-Anthony she got the opportunity to explore her talent as a performer, dancer and choreographer. Partnership with Mark-Anthony gave her an opportunity to develop herself as an international instructor. Olesia is known as one of the best follower in salsa and kizomba, she has her own style of dancing salsa and kizomba and she likes to share her knowledge with her students.